5 Plant Identification Free-Apps Review: Find Out Which One Scored the Highest!

08/18/2021 I Terrarium Making

I have compiled the reviews for the 5 apps I have encountered and constantly use so far. Please know that this is based on the sample pictures I uploaded for identification to the app. And for the purpose of this review, I used only 1 picture for all apps to ensure that the result is consistent with the source being identified.

Local Scenic Places Glassed by Terrafinity for Its Jungle and Island Series

(Interview with Michael Raphael Louis Manes of Terrafinity)

 Featured  Terrarium  – 08/09/2021

One noteworthy newcomer is Terrafinity, owned and managed by Michael Raphael Louis Manes, one of the Manes siblings known for their works in the aquascaping space. With that, let us get to know Terrafinity more.

How To Take Care Of Your Isopods: Cubaris murina—In Perspective

06/15/2021 I Terrarium Making

Cubaris murina or commonly known as “little sea pillbug” from the family Armadillidae is the most common isopods species present in the Philippines. If not the most common, could either be the first or second only to Nagurus species. If there is a presence of biodegradable and organic matter, you an expect that you can find a colony of Cubaris murina. The Cubaris murina can be identified by the two-orange specks on its back.

Miniature Toys, TV and Movie Scenes

 – Who Says You Cannot Make Terrariums from Those? Ask Randal Ng of Terra.cp

 Terrarium Making – 06/14/2021

As the local scene is becoming active in terrariums, we the local audience is enjoying seeing a lot of designs and themes that are delectable to the senses. With that, one artist came up with unique, fun, and very promising designs— one that involve miniature toys, movie scenes, and TV shows, and seemingly simple yet clean and beautiful designs, Terra.cp by Randal Ng.

How An Ilocano Created A Unique Way of Creating Terrariums? Presenting—The Taraki-Styled Mossariums

MAY 31, 2021 I Terrarium Making

Joining the emergence of the terrariums as the next frontier in the local enclosure universe is Donald P. Fariñas, or “Choi” to many, started posting online his unique idea and design for terrariums for his terrarium brand: Micro Worlds the–The Taraki Style

5 Easiest Designs for DIY Terrariums

How To Make Your Own Terrarium – 04/19/2021

Oftentimes, when we go into a hobby, we always start with following our favorite hobbyists and follow their techniques, designs, and manner of execution. Then once we have acclimated into the hobby, it is only then that we create and explore our own versions and interpretations of the idea.  With that, the same concept applies in terrarium-making, as with all other hobbies. Now, to help you transition and ease your design inspiration, we have compiled the top 5 designs commonly used in terrarium-making and landscaping.

How to Make a Moss Terrarium (Mossarium) – Easy Steps in Making Your Own Mossarium

APRIL 7, 2021 I Terrarium Making

Lately, there has been a significant increase in the number of people going into the terrarium hobby. Probably, if there is one thing the pandemic brought us, it reminded us that there are still hobbies worth doing and can help us spend fun times at home to veer us away from the boredom of being confined in our homes.

Make Your Own Terrarium 5 Myths You Need To Know

April 1, 2021 – How To Make Your Own Terrarium

Terrarium making and rearing is one hobby I must say is one that I can recommend to everyone especially those living in the metropolitan area as it does not need maintenance, is closed and less likely to attract unwanted animal inhabitants, with high aesthetic values, and most of all, can invoke the feeling of peace and a good childhood memory—of the great outdoors, of the wilderness, of the wet rainforest, and of happy feeling of closeness to nature. Of utter joy.

5 Best Terrarium Animals – List of Top Terrarium Animals

 MARCH 21, 2021 I Terrarium Making

In our previous article, we mentioned that a terrarium is an enclosed earth with its own bioactive ecosystem. And to keep the TerraPlantae tradition, we will give you another list, this time it would be the fauna for the terrariums.

26 Best Plants For Terrariums

JANUARY 25, 2021 I Terrarium Making

As of late, due to the pandemic, terrariums had been gaining popularity as an alternative form of gardening and plant-rearing. This is mostly due to its beauty, low maintenance, and the aesthetic value both at home or in the office set-up.

How To Make A Terrarium

 JANUARY 14, 2021

Each one of us is always in search of a hobby that is unique to our tastes, our passion, our affinity, and our preference. Some people go into arts and craft, pet and animal-rearing, and some others opt for plant-rearing. Each hobby offers a unique experience and a unique journey that the hobbyists can relate to.


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